It’s Time To Heal Your Blocks To Abundance

Let’s be honest… You’ve read the self-help books and taken the workshops. You’ve done coaching programs, and perhaps worked with spiritual teachers or healers. So why don’t you have the money, love or inner freedom you really want?

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Your Soul Is Crying Out For Something More…

Chances are, there’s something really important in your life that you’re wanting and haven’t gotten — such as financial abundance or stability… business success… a satisfying love relationship… or inner peace.

Even though you’ve done a lot of self-improvement and personal growth. You’ve searched for help from books, courses, experts, and coaches. Perhaps you’ve tried doing healing, Tony Robbins, talk therapy, meditation, tapping, or workshops.

Or perhaps you’ve taken self-assessments, like the Enneagram, Human Design or Myers-Briggs…. but that self-understanding hasn’t led to more of what you’re wanting.

You’re realizing that continually seeking “more information” isn’t creating the transformation and results you desire. (It may even be keeping you stuck where you are.)

In short – you’ve genuinely “done a lot of work” and you have admirably high self-awareness.

And yet…. despite working on yourself for years… it hasn’t shifted what is going at the core. There’s still something deep within you that’s keeping you stuck or blocked from having the abundance you really want – whether it’s financial abundance, love abundance, or inner peace.

What’s in the way of you having what you want… is something inside of you.

Let me show you how to release your deepest blocks to abundance, and become unleashed to be a powerful super creator of what you want most! Read on…

How To Get To The “Core” Of Your Issue

You’ve probably noticed that the only thing in the way of what you want is… you. So what is in the way, really?

If deep inside of you, something still feels painful or unresolved… And the things you’re wanting the most in life are still elusive…
It’s because the teachings and techniques you’ve gotten so far simply don’t have the ability to shift the root cause that created your internal resistance to what you want.

At the core of your system, you have wounded places, traumas, identity beliefs (like “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not lovable”), insecure attachment styles, or protective patterns. (We all have these.)

These are your “Core Wounds.”

Core wounds originate when we have childhood experiences that caused us to feel severely threatened by overwhelming negative emotions. Our nervous system then gets “programmed” to be on the look out for similar situations… and avoid experiencing the pain again.

We then spend the majority of our lives unconsciously trying to protect ourselves from any life experiences that are similar to the original negative childhood experiences.

Here’s the key to resolving a persistent inner issue:
Virtually every inner issue you’re dealing didn’t just start last week — the origin of the issue started with childhood wounding. You’re carrying past pain or struggle into the present, and recreating it.
Unfortunately, everything you’re doing to protect or suppress your wounds is actually keeping them intact. Until
you heal the wounding at the core, the issue tends to persist.

So the key question to ask yourself is this: what are your core wounds?

Signs Of Core Wounds Operating In Your System

Do you recognize any of these “symptoms” in your life?


(keeping you from earning the money that you want)

  • Never being able to achieve financial stability / never having enough money.
  • Undercharging for your services – or feeling guilty about asking for money.
  • A constant compulsion or addiction to working. It’s difficult to relax or be at peace, even at the end of the work day.
  • It’s hard to get clear on your business direction. You constantly feeling aimless or confused.
  • Fear of being visible or speaking in public.
  • Constantly procrastinating (not taking action) on doing what you know is important.
  • Not doing what you’re truly called to do (it’s safer or “more comfortable” to stay where you are).

Relationships, Love & Connection

  • Repeating the same dysfunctional relationship over and over (new person, same relationship).
  • Not feeling safe around people, or having trouble emotionally connecting with people.
  • Feeling unlovable or not enough
  • Feeling needy or anxious in relationships, and afraid of losing love or being abandoned.
  • Fear of getting too close and being suffocated by too much love.
  • Being a people-pleaser, constantly putting everyone’s needs ahead of you own
  • Not speaking up or speaking your truth… and constantly seeking approval from others

You’ve probably done some work on these symptoms…. Now it’s time to actually get to the root cause and do the deep transformation work there.

Here’s what I see all the time while working with my clients:

“If you’re having difficulty creating what you want in your external reality, then it’s time to find the root cause in your inner reality.”

Here’s How I Know… My Soul Was Yearning Too

There was a time where I had met a woman who might have been “the one.” At least I thought so. With her, I felt alive. I felt an ability to rise above my own limitations and be the man I was capable of. She kept me on my learning edge and my growth was indescribable.

But…. the deeper and more intimate we got, I found myself becoming more, well, needy. I became anxious. I started to try to micromanage everything, my insecurity caused me to seek unnecessary reassurance. My confidence slowly eroded… and guess what – that isn’t sexy.

I saw this behavior going on – and I saw that it was actually pushing her away. And yet my mental awareness of this did nothing to quell the feelings, and it felt like I had no control over my own behavior.

In the end, she finally had enough. I was no longer the person she wanted to partner with. And it was a devastating loss leaving me feeling pretty damned helpless.

How I Escaped This Dark Place

I set a powerful intention to get to the bottom of this… Finally, a spiritual teacher pointed out to me that the root cause of all this was a deep fear of losing love, a fear that originated in early childhood.

So while this was a time of heartbreak, it led to a discovery that changed my life. This was the first time I discovered a core wound.

At first I was bitter – why hadn’t my 2 decades of being a personal development junkie helped me to change this inside? But I went out and tried all sorts of healing modalities and tools with dozens of healers and mentors. Some were amazing, some did nothing for me. It felt like I tried everything on the planet – I was on a quest to be free of the fear of losing love.

Eventually I found the tools that literally transformed my life. Since then, I’ve healed 3 major core wounds. As a result, I feel like a completely different person inside, both in business and in relationships. I feel an inner peace, safety, and love with myself and others, unlike I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s the most precious gift I’ve ever received, that I wouldn’t trade for any amount of money or material gain.

Experience the Inner Freedom Process with Patrick Dominguez

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“The vast majority of personal development, coaching, and spirituality doesn’t help people accomplish the thing that they may be craving the most at an unconscious level – which is healing what’s in the way of experiencing wholeness, being loved, and being enough.

There are direct ways to “rewire the system” and have a lasting experience of wholeness, self-love, and self-worth, and security.”


The Inner Freedom Process

In my journey, I’ve found healing methods that only gave temporary relief… and ones that truly shifted the earth.
I’ve found a small number of powerful tools and methods that meet my 3 criteria for assessing whether healing worked or not:

The methods create measureable impact

(There’s no question in your mind that “something has happened” and there’s observable, measurable changes)

They create a lasting, sustainable change

(The changes stick, not just a temporary reduction in symptoms or emotional upsets)

They work consistently

(The tools and techniques, when applied, work again and again when needed)

I’ve brought the most successful transformational tools for healing core wounds I could find into a method called the Inner Freedom Process.

You may have noticed that it can feel like a never-ending hamster wheel of trying to create the ideal circumstances in your outer world (“I’ll be happy when…”), so that you can feel free on the inside.

The answer is to heal your core wounds, so you feel an inner peace, self-love, and wholeness inside. Then you no longer need the world to change to be happy and fulfilled.

That is what the Inner Freedom Process is designed to do.

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Ego says “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace”.

Spirit says “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place”

– Marianne Williamson

How The Inner Freedom Process Works

The Inner Freedom Process is designed to heal your deepest core wounds – and transform the limiting beliefs, fears, emotional triggers, pain and suffering connected with them – so that you are free to feel peace, self-worth, love and connection, and wholeness.

Feeling free inside is what changes your external circumstances, not the other way around.

I know the path, I’ve lived the path, and when I guide you through the Inner Freedom Process, you’ll experience the path a peace beyond imagination… a creativity and vibrancy that’s been elusive to you, that will open you into the “you” you’ve always been meant to be.

Here’s how you will benefit from the Inner Freedom Process:


You’ll clearly identify the root cause of your emotional triggers… and release the emotional pain and prison of suffering that your mind has been holding on to as protection.


Let go of having to constantly prove yourself or gain approval… and experience deep in your bones that you are enough and you are loved.


Be free of the never-ending need to fill yourself with love and connection from the outside … and instead experience the magnificent state of self-love that fulfills you from within.


Release the deep patterns and compulsions that cause chronic stress and overwhelm… and be at peace and in flow in your work and in life.


Clear paralyzing stuckness or procrastination… and move freely forward into a life of aliveness, clarity, and purpose.


Heal the scarcity and blocks to abundance that formed in your earliest childhood, so that you are energetically aligned with receiving and keeping money.

In doing this work you’ll discover how to LIVE THE STATE OF INNER FREEDOM as your vibrant, alive self, with unbounded peace, abundance and joy. This is the space I’ve been living in, and I want this for you too.

Your emotions, body, thoughts, and behavior are ready for an upgrade to a higher level. You will FEEL radically different on the inside from this process.

About Patrick Dominguez

Patrick Dominguez spent the previous 10 years building a multi-million dollar business coaching company in partnership with Bill Baren. As a business coach for 12 years, Patrick has personally coached and trained thousands of business owners to grow their business and make a bigger difference.
Patrick helps business owners around the world to release their deepest inner blocks to the financial abundance and business success they truly desire, while also having the best love relationships they’ve ever had.
Patrick has worked many of the best known leaders of the coaching and transformation industry to become liberated from the unconscious beliefs and core wounds that are running their life – and to unleash the potential within. Patrick travels the world as an international speaker and workshop facilitator.
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Happy clients living extraordinary lives…

Read what clients are saying about their Inner Freedom experience with Patrick Dominguez.

“One of the most profound forms of healing that I have experienced!”

I came to Patrick to work on the part of me that thinks that I have to work harder and produce more in order for people to value me and love me. I was ready to let all that go and fully embrace and accept all the different parts of me. To be comfortable in my own skin, unguarded and soft and available. So that I can have those deep, intimate connections with others, and give that kind of love to myself.
This method is so fricking profound. In a very simple, elegant way, it gets to the core of the wound. It’s like I’m looking at the world through new eyes, and the world’s a safer place. I’m more free to just be myself in the world. I’m more comfortable with myself, and there’s just more space and more joy.
Even if you’ve done a lot of work already, this work really gets to the root cause. I highly encourage you to do it. It’s amazing!

Sage Lavine
CEO, Women Rocking Business


Sage Lavine
CEO, Women Rocking Business

“I closed 50% at my last event, thanks to having transformed this core wound”

I closed 50% of the room at my last event, that’s pretty unusual in my industry. And it wasn’t that my offer was different. It was all about my energy and I’ll chalk that up to having transformed this core wound with Patrick.
In the last couple of years when I felt particularly challenged, it usually had to do with whether I felt like I was liked or I was loved.
Now I feel much more confident with my relationships with clients, my relationships with team members.
If you suspect that what's affecting you in business is not a business strategy, but the way that you’re showing up energetically (or some beliefs that you haven’t cleaned out from the past)...
This is a tremendous and deep opportunity for you to do that core level work, and clear out something very, very effectively and efficiently. That can help you be shining light that you’re meant to be!

Pamela Bruner

Founder, Make Success Real


Pamela Bruner

Founder, Make Success Real

“I shifted major money blocks!”

I grew up with sense of scarcity around money, and I built some beliefs that I just didn’t deserve to have money – and that money is evil, and that people with money are evil. Patrick helped me clear these old negative beliefs that stood in the way of asking for the amount of money that I know I’m worth in my business.
Since working with Patrick, my beliefs are totally shifted — I know I deserve money, I know that it’s OK to want a lot of money, and perhaps most importantly, I trust myself to do good things with the wealth that I accumulate. As a result of this alignment, I’m feeling so much more confident and powerful in sales situations with big clients.
One huge result is that my company is on track to make significantly more money this year, and we’ve broken company records this year for highest monthly income. And I feel more aligned with my values and my self-care too.

Damian Sol


Damian Sol

“This Process gets to the core of the issue you’re holding”

Working with Patrick was FASCINATING! I'd been struggling between some deep-seated insecurities... and a set of habits I'd created in order to compensate. During the process, I discovered how these things started and how they served me.
Afterward, I felt lighter... like a pressure lifted. I no longer feel the insecurities, and I don't have to compensate... I'm at peace with it. Whenever I do any work on myself, I want to get all the way to the core of the issue... and that's what Patrick's work does. It’s precise, deep, soothing, and powerful.

Justin Livingston


Justin Livingston

“Thanks to Patrick my relationship is doing really great!”

I wanted to have a better relationship with my husband. I think I was just incredibly hard on myself for things that weren't going well, and I was so frustrated, but I didn't know how to fix it.
My relationship is now doing really great. I'm feeling happy and appreciative, and appreciated, and feeling like the kind of couple that I wanted to feel like. That part's amazing!
And I really felt profound acceptance and love was just reflected back to me by you. You were unshakable no matter what I threw at you. Thank you!
All I can say is just try a session with Patrick! Because you will get more than you expect, in a very easy, peaceful, loving manner.

Jeanna Gabellini

Founder, MasterPeace Coaching


Jeanna Gabellini

Founder, MasterPeace Coaching

“I was stuck and not moving forward toward my business vision”

I had a debilitating fear in my business I couldn't pinpoint, and I had feeling of powerlessness to change it. Patrick showed me where I was holding traumas and insecurities that I was never been able to reach, and released them with laser precision. His work is really pristine. 
The fear and the unsettled, anxious feeling that was underneath - it's gone. I'm in a really great place now, I feel confident, secure, peaceful. I'm free to be me, and excited about what I'm creating and my future.  Thank you Patrick!!!

Dr. Jasmine Therese Esguerra


Dr. Jasmine Therese Esguerra

“I’d was feeling completely blocked about launching my new work”

Patrick's deep inner work reawoke the fearless part of me that drove me to create success in 2 previous businesses. Thank you Patrick for freeing that part of me that knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it.
I'm launching my purpose work out there, I have a clarity of knowing what to do, it feels great and I'm hungry for more!

Susan Liddy


Susan Liddy

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During this experiential session you will:

  • Identify the exact block/pattern/core wound that’s in the way of having the business/money/relationship/health that you want. (Knowing this is a first crucial step to being able to create change.)
  • Receive a clear recommendation on the steps to create transformation with the issues you’re working on.
  • Experience a mini-healing session that will take you closer to your love/money/business goals.
  • At the end we’ll explore which form of support I offer will best serve you.

You are being called to awaken to a new level of healing, and to experience who you really are — the state of being free inside, and being a powerful confident super creator of a life you love.

Let’s transform your deepest blocks — and accelerate your progress to the abundance you desire

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