“One of the most profound forms of healing I’ve experienced!”

I came to Patrick to work on the part of me that believes that I have to work harder and produce more in order for people to value me and love me.
This method is so fricking profound. In a very simple, elegant way, it gets to the core of the wound. After a session, it’s like I’m looking at the world through new eyes, like the world’s a safer place. I’m more free to just be myself in the world. I’m more comfortable with myself, and there’s just more space and more joy.
Even if you’ve done a lot of work already, this work really gets to the root cause. I highly encourage you to do it. It’s amazing!
~ Sage Lavine, CEO, Women Rocking Business

“I closed 50% at my last event, thanks to transforming this core wound!”

At the event, my offer wasn’t different — it was all about my energy and I’ll chalk that up to having transformed this core wound with Patrick. I feel more confident.
If what’s affecting you in business is not business strategy, but the way that you’re showing up energetically (or some beliefs that you haven’t cleaned out from the past)…
This is a tremendous deep opportunity for you to do that core level work, and clear out something very effectively and efficiently. This can help you be shining light that you’re meant to be!

~ Pamela Bruner, Founder, Make Success Real

“I Broke Through A Fear Blocking Me In My Business”

In a session with Patrick, I realized I had a ‘fear of doing things wrong’ that I wasn’t totally cognizant of… and now it’s changed so much! I just love Patrick’s work.
As Patrick says, the sooner you confront the baggage that’s in the way, the soon you’re going to get to the goal! Why wait? Check it out, I think you’ll be surprised and pleased with the results.

~ Lisa Cherney, Founder, Get F**g Real

“I Had a Huge Breakthrough with Money”

After working with Patrick, I lost 30 pounds, I got in shape, I healed my relationship with my father, and got breakthroughs with my clients….
But I actually came to have a breakthrough with money, and that happened! I’m financially better off than I have been in a decade. I’m feeling more purpose driven, and more in enjoyment of life than in 10 years. It was a fantastic experience, and I can’t recommend it enough.
~ Scott Bowman

“Patrick Has Done Miracles!”

I’ve had a core wound of not feeling safe all of my life. Patrick has done miracles with it!

I now feel safe, confident, and I feel strong to go out there and face whatever I need to face out there in the world from this place of inner safety and strength and confidence. Thank you, Patrick!

~ Brandy Faith Weld

“The Inner Freedom Session Was Amazing”

 I came with a fear related to love, relationships and vulnerability, that’s been quite prevalent in my life of late. After 30 minutes, felt very calm, safe, and in peaceful way. A greater sense of love and courage. That was an amazing experience and in such an amazingly short time.

~ Steve Neale

“Absolutely Phenomenal”

Patrick’s healing workshop was one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had here in Mindvalley. Then getting into the Healing Group was just a transformational experience, as I was saying the words out loud, tears were streaming down my face. I never felt so supported in my entire life.

It just felt like a massive shift was taking place. It was just absolutely phenomenal, I am so grateful. Thank you Patrick!

~ Sorana

“Just amazing how smooth and easy this is… Mindblowing”

I’ve been working on an issue that’s been present for a very long time…It’s amazing that, in a very short, extremely short period of time, I’ve been able to shift to just feeling great in my own skin and being able to protect and  push forward my interests in a sort of loving, caring, confident way.

Just amazing how smooth and easy this is. I mean, it really is mind-blowing! Really very impressed and very, very happy.

~ Steven Possner

“I Love How I Feel, I Love The Results”

I had a lot of anxiety and I have been dealing with this for about four to five years…It’s incredible. I love how I feel, I love the results.

You definitely should try it, try how it works for you because it’s been amazing for me.

~ Hanna

“Released My Fear Of Relationships With People”

We worked on releasing my fear establishing deep connections and relationships with people. The session was so beautiful. When I came out of the session at the end, I opened my eyes and my first reaction was, “Wow,” I felt so light. It was beautiful and I’d very much recommend working with Patrick.

~ Lauren (Netherlands)

“I Feel Confident & Empowered!”

I wanted to work on my confidence – and that’s exactly how I feel right now! I feel I really have the tool that I can use in so many areas of my life.

I’m feeling really happy and I cannot wait to keep building this muscle and keep working on it, I feel so empowered.

~ Elenora (Italy)

“I Let Go Of So Much Pain In A Short Time”

In a short time I let go so much of pain that was there, some of which I had no idea it was there.

Now I have so much more room in myself for loving and positive feelings.

~ Vladimir

“Solved The Problem Of Not Being Enough”

I wanted to overcome an issue  I’ve been carrying for a long time — feeling not good enough, and not being able to speak up when I want to.

By the end, I felt really great, at peace with myself. I felt the initial problem of me not being enough, just basically not being there anymore. I had a profound change and I felt absolutely brilliant. I’m really, really grateful for Patrick.

~ Simon (Budapest)

“I Felt Powerless And Not Important”

I was working on my love relationships because I felt powerless and not important in my relationships.

And in one session, I changed something from feeling lonely and powerless… to having a call where I was standing up for myself and I didn’t want to compromise anymore longer. It’s really had powerful results and I can feel power in myself.

~ Natalia

“Shifted My Fear of Connecting With People”

I wanted to work on the feeling that I don’t connect with people. So, we did a session going back to the origin of that and yeah, in a very short space of time, it really does create a different connection in you.

I will take that into my life and change the way I’m functioning now. Thank you very much!

~ Anushka

“Transformed A Big Belief”

I had this belief that no matter what I did, positive or negative … it didn’t matter, and that was keeping me from doing what I actually want to or anything I wanted to.

I do really feel that this session helped me release that belief. And if you have any sort of big thing that holds you back, a big block, I recommend you do this session with Patrick.

~ Maria

“Released Anxiety About Relationships… Feeling A Lot Of Freedom”

We did a session to transform a challenge around my relationships. First he tracked down the exact issue I’m facing… then he guided me into this exercise where I revisited my past. He helped me transform those exact emotions which were hampering my relationships today.

I found this technique very, very effective. He made the process easy. By the time he was finished, I had zero anxiety and I felt a lot of freedom. Highly recommended.

~ Sumedha